Cover Your Workers

Worker’s compensation insurance is probably one of the most common and important insurance plans you can have as a business owner.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Whether you own a small or large business, if a worker is harmed while doing their job, the business is responsible, for the most part. If this happens, the business has to pay to cover medical needs and payment during the process of healing. If you do not have worker’s compensation, the business will have to pay out of pocket to cover these costs.

You can rest easy knowing that no surprise expenses will come out of an event like this. While no business ever wants to see an employee harmed in their line of work, it has been known to happen, so make sure you are covered. Adamson Insurance has plenty of insurance options for you and your business. We also have payment plans to fit your budget. Get worker’s compensation insurance today and lower your risk.

Coverage Areas

  • An injured employee’s medical expenses/treatment

  • The replacement of lost wages from injury time off

Worker With Workers Compensation Insurance

Considering protection for workplace injuries? Our Workers Compensation Insurance ensures that your employees are covered against unexpected accidents while on the job. This policy is essential for both employers and employees, providing financial assistance in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses. With our experienced team guiding you, you’ll benefit from comprehensive coverage tailored to your business’s specific needs. Reach out to us to ensure the safety and well-being of your workforce.


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Customer Comments

Once again everyone at Adamson amazes me with exceptional customer service. They are quick to respond and always available to ask questions or make changes. We are grateful to have such a wonderful team to work with!

Jennifer B., via Google

“When I first went to Adamson Insurance & Associates I saved around $400.00 a year without losing coverage; as a matter of fact they added MORE coverage for me.”

Kelly H., Ankeny, IA

Mike and all the staff are super amazing. They are always helpful and super quick to respond. Great people to work with!

Mitch H., via Google

“My car rates went down almost 1/2 of my previous insurance company, maintaining the same high level of coverage. My house insurance prices went down, with greater benefits than what I had before. Thank you Adamson Insurance & Associates!”

Tony S., Ankeny, IA

“My claim was handled with the utmost excellent customer service. The follow-up was precise. The whole transition went smoothly and I appreciate it!”

Travis C., Des Moines, IA

Adamson Insurance & Associates always follows up with us to make sure everything went well and that his clients are happy. That is great customer service!”

Amy M., Johnston, IA