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When you think of water you probably think of a calm and peaceful scene. Whether it be a lake or a river or even an ocean, you are most likely picturing a beautiful body of water with small waves. Of course, this scene is quite common when it comes to bodies of water, but there is also the other version of water. It can be ferocious and unforgiving. A storm could kick up or the current might become stronger. There are many different things that can happen to turn a wonderful day on the water into a serious problem.

If you own a boat you know that the simplest mistake could cost you. You could forget to anchor your boat while you go swimming and the current pulls it away, you could accidentally ram the boat into rocks causing the metal to rip and tear, or a storm could even cause serious damage to your boat. A boat is a huge investment, and you do not want that investment to go to waste. Get boat insurance for your boat in the Ankeny, IA area.

Adamson Insurance & Associates offers boat insurance for all of your boat accident needs. Whether you collide with another boat or a storm damages your boat, we have you covered. We can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to both your boat and your money. Your investment will be covered when Adamson Insurance & Associates is behind you. Contact us today to learn more about our boat insurance, or our other types of insurance.

You can also learn more about about our service area which includes Pleasant Hill, Altoona, Saylorville, West Des Moines, and Urbandale. Adamson Insurance & Associates also offers a FREE quote.  For a few dollars a day, you can be sure that a simple accident will not ruin your boat. Do not let a mistake or an accident ruin a wonderful boating experience. Call us here at Adamson Insurance & Associates today!

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"When I first went to Adamson Insurance & Associates I saved around $400.00 a year without losing coverage; as a matter of fact they added MORE coverage for me."

Kelly H.
Ankeny, IA