Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance can provide your family with help when dealing with unexpected life events. It will build tax-deferred cash value to help assist when your family looses income, or you need to cover mortgage costs or education. It can also provide a legacy for the next generation of your family, as well as, leave you with piece of mind knowing your family will be taken care of.

Whole life insurance provides you with level premiums and life insurance protection for as long as you pay your premiums for that policy. There are different payment options, and your Adamson Insurance Agent can help you decide on the best whole life policy that best suits you and your family. There are different coverage amounts that are payable. It is important you understand the differences in whole life policies, so we recommend working with one of our expert agents prior to choosing a policy.

The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance for Iowa Residents

There are many benefits of a whole life insurance policy. The primary benefits are:

  • You have Protection for Life: Your whole life insurance policy won’t expire and it won’t decrease in value.
  • There are Level Premiums: The rate you pay for your policy will never increase as long as your payments are made as dictated by your policy.
  • Cash Value: Some of your premium builds cash value over time which can then be borrowed against for unseen unexpected life events.

To learn more about how we can help with your whole life insurance policy. We proudly serve much of Iowa including Pleasant Hill, Altoona, Saylorville, West Des Moines, Urbandale, Johnston, and Windsor Heights. We are experts in whole life insurance as well as a diverse collection of insurance policies for individuals and businesses. Another option may be our umbrella policy for Des Moines and Ankeny. Note that we also offer term life insuranceCall us today for all of your insurance needs in Iowa.

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"When I first went to Adamson Insurance & Associates I saved around $400.00 a year without losing coverage; as a matter of fact they added MORE coverage for me."

Kelly H.
Ankeny, IA